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Is there a limit (number of hours, times) to how much I can watch on BISSOI?

You can watch free content without any limitations! But, paid videos are based on the validity of the subscription. Once the validity period is over, subscribe again to resume binging.

Do I need to Login before I can browse through content?

Yes,you need to login.

How do I recover my password?

For recover password go to this link: https://bissoi.com/resetting/request


What's on your server?

On our Server you will find all the contents of all Premium Streaming Service including Movies, TV Series, Anime, Cartoon, Korean Drama etc. The content of all Premium Streaming Services is updated in a timely manner on our servers. Also, if you do not have any content of your choice on our server, then if you request it from us, it must be uploaded within short time.

How do i subscribe to Bissoi?

If you are a registered user, click on the ‘Subscribe now’ icon from top-left corner of the website.On the ‘Subscription’ page, you’ll see multiple subscription plans. Selects the plan you want and go to the ‘Payment Options’ page. Pay up and enjoy! 

How do I view my subscription plan?

 Login as a subscribed user. then go to this link to view subscription plan : https://bissoi.com/profile/subscriptions.html

Can a user renew the subscription ​?

Yes, user can renew the subscriptions from log onto www.bissoi.com

When will be my subscription Activated?

The subscription will be activated Immediately after payment confirmation in our records. If in case, your subscription is not activated we request you to please contact our customer support team along with the transaction receipt and we will activate your subscription on priority.

What are the video qualities that are available on Website?

The available video qualities are 180p, 360p, 576p, 720 p and AUTO (1080p).



Need more help?

 please write to us at support@bissoi.com or contact us via website.






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